How AI Facial Recognition Will Change the Gambling Industry

The rapid advancement of technology worldwide gives out more opportunities for many business sectors. Because of technology, many businesses attain a better status in their operations and customer service. However, other recent innovations like AI Facial Recognition are currently in the hot seat for several reasons.

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Technological innovation, like the AI Facial Recognition, has many uses to many businesses worldwide. Even in the gambling industry, the current use of AI facial recognition created divided attention into the different sectors since some still think that it will only add new problems to the gambling industry. Below, we will discuss how AI's facial recognition will change the gambling industry.

AI and the Growing Addiction of Gamblers

Nowadays, many gambling sectors are proposing the use of AI Facial Recognition as a preventive tool to help detect the addictive gambling patterns of online gambling players. However, only 8% of the public believes in its efficiency. Even if these players seek professional help, they think that the effect is still small compared to what the technology will bring to them.

Although many possibilities exist about the outcome of the technology, many still assume that it may misjudge the patterns of the players and create more significant problems instead of solving some.

Facial Recognition in the Lottery Sector

Bacta, an amusement and gaming machine industry in the UK, proposed the use of AI facial recognition in the Lottery industry to help in the age verification of the players to promote safer gaming. With technology, players will not be able to fake their age, and it will prove the real age without giving out their data. The software will find the face of the player from the pool of photos in their data storage.

Rejection of Banned Gamblers

One of the most challenging problems of many casinos is the complete ban of blacklisted gamblers in their vicinity. With the ocean of people playing in their casinos, it is tough to spot the banned gamblers from the other players. With AI's facial recognition on CCTVs and video recorders, that challenge will finally have an answer.

Invasion of Privacy

The use of AI Facial Recognition in the gambling industry is a sensitive issue since some people fear the privacy of their information since the technology will be software.

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In the US, many states have laws regarding the invasion of privacy of customers, although there are still other states that do not have any rules about the protection of privacy. With AI facial recognition, many people forcefully give out their personal information regardless of their state.

The use of AI facial recognition in Europe may also pose a significant threat to its General Data Protection Regulation. Recently, the European Commission passed regulation regarding the deletion of data or personal information of people.